"FMLA Pro provides a rich, consolidated source of guidance for HR departments"

"... An inexpensive tool that helps HR save time in handling FMLA business, while minimizing the potential for legal problems."

-- HRMagazine

The Established Standard
FMLA Pro was created shortly after the Family and Medical Leave Act regulations were released. It has met the FMLA tracking needs of a wide array of companies for over a decade.

Unlike other FMLA tracking applications on the market, FMLA Pro is licensed by the number of administrators who will be using the program. The number of employees tracked or the number of companies or divisions handled have no effect on the cost of FMLA Pro. What's more, there are no ongoing maintenance fees associated with FMLA Pro. In over 10 years on the market, there has never been a charge for an upgrade to the program.

Determining which FMLA tool to use is a big decision. There is a significant amount of information here designed to help you make an informed decision. We believe that when you compare the cost and benefits, FMLA Pro will be your clear choice. Thanks for your interest in our software!

National Defense Authorization Act
The National Defense Authorization Act for 2008 contained changes to the regulations that were too substantial to be added to the established FMLA Pro framework. Because it is not practical to offer an FMLA tracking application that does not handle the details of these new regulations, we have opted to take FMLA Pro off of the market.

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