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Making a decision on how to improve your FMLA tracking process is a complicated one. In order to help you make the right decision, we provide a number of demonstrations, samples and documentation pertaining to FMLA Pro. The sections below will explain what is available.


Working Demo
The Working Demo is a virtually complete copy of FMLA Pro. You can create employee records and leave events. You can experiment with different company and state policy settings to see how they work. All that you can not do is change the company information or print final reports.

Online Overview
If you want to know more about FMLA Pro, but don't want to go so far as to download and install the demo program, this is for you. It is a series of screen images taken directly from FMLA Pro with descriptions of many of the program functions. While this will not tell you as much as the full demo, sometimes this is just the right amount of information.

User Documentation
FMLA Pro comes with both electronic documentation and an attractive vinyl binder with complete printed documentation. The User Documentation available for download is the complete electronic version in an Adobe Acrobat format.

Output Samples
FMLA Pro generates reports and documentation in both English and Spanish. Output Samples is a Zipped file containing samples of every document FMLA Pro produces.
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