FMLA Pro Features

FMLA and State regulations

  • All applicable regulations are stipulated and available for review by personnel administrators.
  • Regulations can be updated as legislation evolves and precedents are set in court.

Company Policy generator

  • Step by step interface which can be completed in minutes.
  • Allows a policy to be more generous than regulations mandate but will not allow violations of applicable laws to be entered.
  • Allows the company to set guidelines regarding length of absence, notification, medical certification, definition of family members, and "key employee" status all within the context of the law.
  • Prints the policy in a format which can be easily incorporated into an Employee Handbook, or distributed directly to employees.
  • Saves administrative staff the cost and burden of many hours researching, writing and producing a properly worded FMLA policy document.

Employee information

  • Hire date, average hours worked per week, normal work schedule and key employee status can be tracked.
  • Employee information is used to assist administrators in determining eligibility.
  • Import of employee data

Requests for Leave

  • Requests for leave can be entered either by administrators or by employees from a kiosk interface.
  • Requests for leave are not modifiable providing a secure source of documentation for employers.
  • Intermittent leave can be easily requested using a point and click interface.

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