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Leave Request Administration

  • Administrators can easily view all requests for leave, past and present.
  • Leave requested and taken by an employee can be reviewed in a graph-based interface.
  • Eligibility information provides decision support to administrators.
  • Approval and denial of leave is tracked providing a source of documentation for employers.

Forms generation

  • Employee notices on FMLA
  • Request forms
  • Request response letters
  • Medical certification forms
  • Return to work certification forms
  • English and Spanish versions of all reports and letters

On-line Help

  • Linked keywords
  • FMLA reference documentation
  • Print selected sections

Multi-User Version

Available in 5-user or higher depending on your needs, the multi-user version enables more than one administrator to deal with leave events. A kiosk solution allows your employees to enter their own leave requests. Call for pricing on multi-user setups, 888 336-FMLA(3652).

FMLA Pro provides decision support and documentation to those employers who must abide by FMLA's regulations. The program is specifically directed at managing FMLA and is not intended to replace existing human resource or leave tracking packages.

The program runs on Windows 2000 and XP.

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