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FMLA Pro is a stand-alone program designed exclusively to track FMLA events. There are no ongoing maintenance fees and thusfar, there has never been a charge for upgrades. Licensing fees are NOT determined by number of employees at your location, but by the number of users. There is no limit to the number of companies, employees or leave events that can be managed with FMLA Pro.

FMLA Pro is no longer available for sale. Sorry
Single User Version

License Fee:

FMLA Pro Single User
The single user version of FMLA Pro may be installed on only one PC. The program and the data file are both installed on that PC. There is no option for installing the data file on a networked drive. For those concerned about automated backup of the FMLA data, we recommend purchasing at least a 2 user license.

It is possible to purchase a single user license initially and then upgrade to a multi-user license. Upgrades are subject to a minimal surcharge in addition to the cost of the additional licenses.
Multi-User Version

Two or More Users:

FMLA Pro Multi-User
With the Multi-User version of FMLA Pro, the program is installed on each user's PC and the data file is installed on the network drive of your choice. The first time each PC installation is started, FMLA Pro asks for the location of the data file. From that point on, it remembers where the file is and opens it remotely.

Discounts are available when 5 or more licenses are purchased at once. Please call us for details.

We accept credit cards or hard-copy purchase orders for FMLA Pro licenses.